Sometimes, it can seem like we are backed against a wall. It seems like we have to fight our way out of something, but we think we lack the strength, initiative, ability, etc. I am here to tell you that there will be times when you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. You might have begged a loved one not to leave you. You might have made a costly mistake. You may have a negative diagnosis from a doctor. Just “give up!” the voices say. “You’re not better than anyone else. “This Christian stuff doesn’t work, or doesn’t seem to.” Now we come to the interesting part of the conversation. It’s where the rubber hits the road that can make you or break you. Simply, merely, completely give the problem to Jesus. Give it utterly, thoroughly to Him. I can hear you now, “Easier said than done.” Or, “I’ve always been a worrier.” Or, “You have no idea what I’m up against, or you wouldn’t be telling me this.” There is a way to give it to Him. Try this simple prayer: 1. “LORD, I have a need, (and state the need to Him in your own words). 2. Lord, I know you are wiser, greater and more complete than any of my abilities or problems. 3. I lay this problem down on your altar. 4. I won’t take it up again. 5. Thank you for helping me, loving me and protecting me from all evil and disaster. 6. Amen. And now, enjoy the results!